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My professional experience and unique approach will provide the  necessary foundation for athletes to hit the track running. I personally work with each athlete to help them achieve their individual goals. I push hard, but I also motivate. My objective is to guide each athlete to their maximum potential.


Sean Ingram

USATF  Level 2, and Level 2 Sports Science Certified

I have been helping athletes from as early as 1997, but officially coaching since 2013.

  I started my coaching career with MackTrack Elite where I coached side-by-side with my former High School track coach, Robert McReynolds. Over the last five years, I learned how to convert my feelings into words that young athletes could comprehend and translate to the track. I also had the opportunity to learn the business side of the sport, which is essential for the overall success of a team.  After learning from some of the greatest to ever blow a whistle; Donald Gatewood, Marcus Walker and most recently, Robert McReynolds.  I have decided to start my own legacy.  Now, through my own club, I will pass the love and knowledge of the sport to the next generation of athletes.  I come into this new venture excited, nervous and blessed to be able to give back to a timeless sport...  A sport that teaches life lessons, can help pay for higher education and one that influences a healthier lifestyle.

As an athlete: 


School Record Holder (Colorado State University)


-4x100m relay

High School

Colorado State Champion (Montbello High School)



-4x100m relay

-4x200m relay

Member of back-to-back Team State Championships

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60m - 800m

Athletes will learn the proper mechanics, sprint phases, and how to prepare for each race.

Practice Schedule

NO practice scheduled at this time.

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To gift young athletes with the tools to soar far beyond their imaginations.

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Brute Staff

Head Coach - Sean Ingram

Sprints Coach - Eric Hill

Photography - Zsa'nee Gaines

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